Latest News : PG Admission 2021 Final Rank List Published       All the UG & PG Exams scheduled from 6th September onwards are postponed due to the uncertainties arising from the Nipah scare and the travel restrictions.      


The crown at the apex is an archetypal symbol of authority and victory, and hence suggestive of the institution’s commitment to empowerment through education and of its optimism about the ultimate victory over all forces of darkness. The lily, a symbol of purity, on the top left panel, stands for St. Joseph, the Patron of the College. On the spiritual level, the open book on the top right panel stands for God, the Alpha and Omega of wisdom and articulates the message that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. On the temporal level, the book stands for knowledge, the dissemination of which is the short-term objective of this institution. The blue sea, on the bottom left panel, suggests the deep and boundless expanse of knowledge, while the ship indicates tenacious effort required to explore the same. The anchor, which has its ring on the spiritual upper half of the crest and its flukes overlapping the sea and the land on the temporal lower half highlights the need to hold on to hope and faith as we sail through the turbulent sea of life. The virgin soil and the sturdy tree symbolize God’s bounty and support to man. The motto, ‘Pro Deo et Patria’ (For God and Country), inscribed at the bottom of the crest, is a concise Latin rendering of this institution’s commitment to the Creator and the Fatherland.