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1 Ratnakaran K. Chess Second Keralite to win the International Master status , Third in Junior Asian Championship, Teheran 2001, Took part in all India Inter University and National championship .2002
2 Vinod S. Volleyball Junior Asian Volleyball championship ,Teheran 2000 , Junior World championship 2001 ,On Senior Indian team for matches against Bulgaria ,Rumania and Czech Republic in 2003
3 Muraleekrishna R. Basketball Asian Basketball Championship ,China 2003
4 Rajeev R. Volleyball Asian Championship, Korea 2001, Asian Championship, China 2003, On the Indian team for matches against Bulgaria ,Rumania and Czech Republic in 2003 , SAF Games ,Sri Lanka 2006
5 Bobit Mathew Basketball 2000- Junior Asian Championship at Kwalalampur
6 LIju K . Abraham Basketball On the Indian Junior team for the Kuala Lumpur Asian games ,2000
7 Sanave Thomas Shuttle Badminton National doubles champion in 2002 ,Represented India in Thomas Cup, England ,in 1992 , Participated in the Commonwealth Games , Manchester ,in 2002 ,Participated in the World championship , Benningham
8 Kishore Kumar E. K Volleyball On the Indian Junior/ Senior team since 1999,Junior Asian championship .Teheran 1999,. Rashid Volley, Dubai 20000 ,Senior Asian Championship , Korea 2001 ,Tour captain of Indian Junior team for the ma
9 Sreesh T R Volleyball On the Indian team which won the World Customs Beach Volley championship in Barcelona 2003
10 Tinu Joseph Basketball On the Indian squad for senior Asian basketball championship qualifying round
11 Robert Boby George Athletics represented India in Triple Jump, National Coach, Dronacharya Award Winner
12 George Kuncheria Athletics 1986, Pre-Asian Track and Field Silver Medal in Triple Jump,National Gold medal in 1984, 1985 and 1987 , Indian Railway Gold medal in 1984, 1985 and 1987 ,Gold Medal ,South Asian Games Kathmandu
13 N C Chacko Volleyball 1982, Asian Games
14 Pramod Govind Basketball On the Junior Indian team
15 M K Manuel Volleyball 1979, Asian Championship
16 Jimmy George Volleyball National championship in Jamshedpur in 1971, C .V Raja Award in 1975, Arjuna Award in 1976,
17 K. Abdul Rahiman Volleyball First International from Devagiri, Represented India many times
18 Jose George Volleyball On Devagiri volleyball team , University champions in 1971& 1972 , On Devagiri volleyball team , Inter –varsity runner up ,1972 , Member of the Indian volleyball team for Bangkok Asian Games, 1972,
19 K T Irfan 20 km Race Walk london olympic 2012

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