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St. Joseph’s College, Devagiri was founded in 1956, and the department of Malayalam has been a vital part of it, participating in all its curricular and co-curricular activities. As a second language, Malayalam is taught here in the under graduate classes.

The department has been blessed with eminent teachers from its very beginning. Prof. Devassia Thakadiel was a lively presence and he played a significant role in moulding the literary sensibility of the period. Besides being a poet who published his own collections of poems like ‘Jeevitha Samayam’ (Dusk of Life), he was one of the founding fathers of Nava Kerala Publishing Society which published the works of both the established as well as the burgeoning writers.

Another illustrious member of the Department was Prof. K.T Sukumaran who was here in the Department from 1956 to 1962. People today know him as Sukumar Azhikode, a powerful, distinct voice in the cultural, social and literary realms of Kerala. After leaving Devagiri College, he joined the Department of Malayalam at the University of Calicut where he was head of the department and later he became the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of Calicut. The most eloquent orator and discerning critic of Malayalam, Sukumar Azhikode has served as the head of a number of cultural institutions such as the Kendra Sahithya Academy ,The Book Trust of India and so on. He created a niche for himself in Malayalam literature with the books he wrote on literary criticism and philosophy. Thathwamasi, G. Shankara Kuruppu Vimarshikkappedunnu and Ashante Seetha Kavyam are a few among his prominent works. It was Rev. Fr. Dr.Theodosius CMI, the first Principal of this college, who identified and discovered the potential of Sukumar Azhikode as a teacher and encouraged him in his literary pursuits. It is with immense pride and deep gratitude, the Malayalam department remembers the enervating presence and active participation of Prof. Azhikode in all the auspicious occasions of Devagiri College as an elder member of the Devagiri family.

Shri.Thayattu Sankaran who was with the Department from 1962 to 1967 was a renowned poet and critic. Amarsha Gatha is well-read collection of his poems. Valiyaveetil Kunjikannan Nambiar who writes poems under the pen name V V K was also with the Department for a short while in 1962.

Prof. Iswara Varrior– poet, writer and above all a freedom fighter-enriched the department from 1968 to 1976. Rev.Fr.Gastin Kunjuparambil CMI, who taught Sanskrit, was associated with the Department for a while from 1967. Prof. A V Varghese, who has been the head of the Department of Malayalam for 20 years joined the college in 1968 and worked here till his retirement in 1995. Besides being an effective teacher, he was so well versed in the Puranas that he was respectfully referred to as a Walking Puranic Encyclopedia. Prof. Thomas. K Job (Job Kattoor) served the department from 1971 to 1996. Being a stimulating teacher-representative at the Calicut University Senate, he is very much active as a politician, social worker and is quite popular with the people. Dr. M G Sasibhooshan was an expert in mural paintings, served the Department from 1976 to 1982. Mr.S L Johnson also worked here for a few months in 1980.

Rev. Fr.Dr. K.V.Cheriyan (Cheriyan Kuniyanthodathu CMI) was on the staff of the department from 1980 to 2000. Being a prolific writer, he wrote poems, plays, critical essays and to his credit there are more than 100 books published. He has been the editor of Kudumbadeepam magazine for a long time and is well known as an organizer of literary workshops. While he was in Calicut, he was the leading light of Calicut Book Club, a forum for writers as well as readers for mutual interaction. Dr.Babu Joseph worked here for six months in the Department.  

Prof. Johns Villoth joined the Department of Malayalam in 1981.  In 1986   Fr. Benny Sebastian CMI joined the Department. In April 2010, Fr. Benny Sebastian was promoted as the Principal of the College.  Ms. Saritha K C joined the Department as a Guest Lecturer on 13th October 2010.  On 22nd July, 2014 the College became an Autonomous institution. The Government of Kerala sanctioned M A Malayalam programme as a regular course under the aided stream. Journalism was offered as a subject to the students instead of Sanskrit with well-equipped media based professionals.  Fr. Dr. Benny Sebastian was relieved from the college to join as Principal in K E College, Mannanam. Ms. Saritha K C became the Head of the Department. Dr. Nalini S, Ms. Reshma M.K, Ms. Soumya T K, Mr. Rajesh M K, Ms. Anagha, Ms.Bindu A.P and Dr. Thomas K.V (Visiting Professor) also served the department.

Dr. Fr. Sunil Jose joined the department of Malayalam on June 4th 2020 and became the Head of the department. Ms. Saritha K C and Mr. Bibin Antony joined the department as permanent faculty on 11th November 2021. Ms.Megha T.P and Mr. Sabarish M joined as guest lecturers in Journalism and Malayalam Departments respectively.




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